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CCC – Office Talk

Hi, I’m David, owner of Critical Car Care Auto Body & Paint and RV repair in Lancaster, California. We’ve been serving the Antelope Valley for 33 years.

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When you get to the office, first of all, we want you to just fill out the form it gives us your basic information, and then once that’s finished, it all goes into this pad and then I walk out and take photos to get all the information – anything that you have that you feel is related to the accident – and I do your estimate (and it’s a free estimate.)

And this is my wife Shelby, she greets all the people that come in and she does a really good job about that.

Shelby, do you have anything you want to talk about?

I do actually I’d like to add that we are not your average body shop we do a lot here that other people probably don’t want to do.

We’ve done school buses,
We’ve done the B-2 model for Northrop, the model planes,
We’ve worked on firetrucks,
Jet skis,

Dave can do just about anything, he’s very impressive.

Come on back here I want to show you my office. A couple of things that I also do in my spare time – 1927 pickup bed, made it into a shelf. That particular sign up there – we made that out of another sign that we made, I’ll show you that later.

You walk outside here the old soda machine, that was my fathers.
This is the other sign that I had made and that is in my spare time.

Hey Shelby, go ahead and let them in on how to get here and how do you get a free estimate

Sure, if you are familiar with the Lancaster area and you know where the new DMV is on 8th street, we’re right across the street. You can stop by anytime for a free estimate, no appointment is needed. We’d love to see you.

Critical Car Care knows that accidents happen and we are here to help. If you get into a collision, you need someone you can trust to provide you with comprehensive services to restore your vehicle to its original state, or better.

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