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Vehicle Maintenance Services

Tending to routine maintenance on your vehicle will keep it running longer and more efficiently, and it will cost you less overall. You can even save money by doing some of the tasks yourself. Here are some great tips for keeping your car in good shape.

The importance of maintenance

According to Kelley Blue Book, the best way to keep your vehicle running smoothly, efficiently and lasting many years are to keep up with basic maintenance. Do routine checkups, use proper materials when doing tasks yourself, and follow the manufacturer?s recommended schedule.?

Check the engine oil

Vehicles that are in good shape need the engine oil checked monthly. If you notice a leak or your vehicle is using up oil, you will need to check it more often. To do this, park your vehicle on level ground to ensure an accurate reading. When adding oil, do not overfill your vehicle?s oil chamber. And as Consumer Reports notes, if you do notice an oil leak, have it fixed as soon as possible.

Cooling system

Check your engine?s coolant level at the same time you check the oil. Ensuring the fluid is at the proper level can prevent very expensive repairs. As explained by Autotrader, “A cooling system failure can result in your engine literally melting down?. Because of lack of proper coolant and maintenance of hoses, you can have major problems.”

Tire pressure

Once a month you should check the air pressure in your tires, as well as prior to any lengthy drives. Be sure to check your spare, too. Using an accurate gauge, ensure each tire is filled to the level of pressure recommended by your vehicle?s manufacturer; do not fill your tires to the maximum air pressure level which is noted on the sidewalls of the tires. Your vehicle owner?s manual can tell you what air pressure to use.?

Change the air filter

A clean filter keeps your air cleaner and the engine running more efficiently, using less gas and extending the life of the engine. Installing a new air filter is simple and you can do this task yourself. Purchase a new filter and locate the filter housing under your vehicle?s hood. When you open the filter housing note the way the existing filter is seated inside so installing the new one will be easier. Remove the filter, install the new filter, and secure the housing.?

Wiper blades

You can change your wiper blades yourself. Pull the old wiper blades away from the windshield. Find the small tabs on the bottom of each arm and press to release each wiper blade. Line a new blade onto a wiper arm. The open end of the hook on the arm should face the plastic clip. Pull the blade onto the arm until it locks into place. Repeat with the second blade.

Set up your garage

All of these tasks will be simpler for you with a garage that is organized. Finding the right tools for the job makes everything go smoother so set up a system that will be efficient. Experts suggest that you ?…equip the…area with organizational and operational features like drawers, storage containers, and hangers.?

DIY “don’ts”

Popular Mechanics advises that some traditional do-it-yourself tasks are better left to the pros in newer vehicles. When it comes time to change spark plugs, change the engine?s oil and install a new battery, pay your mechanic to do it for you. Many newer vehicles are designed in ways that complicate these once simple exercises, and it?s not worth the trouble in relation to any expense you might save.

Maintain for longer life

With proper maintenance, your vehicle will run better and last for many years and miles. Do some tasks yourself to save money and set your garage up to be efficient and organized., leaving the harder work to the pros. These simple tips will help you keep your car in great shape!

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